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Adding HP 2920 (J9729A) to Airwave

I'm having a heck of a time adding the above switch to airwave. It's running firmware WB.16.01.0006, ROM WB.15.05. Airwave is running 8.2.2.


Here is a summary of what has been done so far and I should add that this has been completed with the help of Aruba TAC:



  • Ping the device successfully from Airwave.
  • Verified on the switch and found community string and SNMP V3 is configured.
  • Tried to added the device manually from Airwave however, its shows down in Airwave and configuration as unknown.
  • Deleted the device and tried adding the device by creating scan-set but it failed.
  • Deleted the group and created a new group and changed the group display setting as all devices.
  • Changed the SNMP V3 for HP devices.
  • Tried adding the device but it failed.
  • SNMP walk from Airwave to device is getting failed.




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Re: Adding HP 2920 (J9729A) to Airwave

Had to disable "snmpv3 only" on the switch.


Seems silly to me that we would have to do that though...



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