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AirWave IAP Firmware Upgrade Reboot Behavior

Hi All, When scheduling an AirWave controlled firmware upgrade for an IAP cluster I can specify how many devices per job will upgrade at a time. How do the APs get selected for this? Does it perform a staggered upgrade approach so that some services are available nearby?


Use case: If I have 20 APs and I specify a max of 2 at a time, will the cluster clientmatch clients to other APs and perform upgrades on APs that are not in the same RF neighborhood?


Trying to figure out a minimal impact daytime upgrade process if its possible.


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Re: AirWave IAP Firmware Upgrade Reboot Behavior

"Firmware Image Management -- AirWave pushes firmware to the Aruba Instant Virtual Controller, and the Virtual Controller pushes the firmware to the rest of its IAPs. When using AirWave to manage IAPs, you can upgrade the firmware by loading the firmware onto AirWave, and then scheduling an upgrade from AirWave. If you have a mixed deployment with multiple Instant products, AirWave allows you to upload firmware for each of the device types."  -


If you have a cluster with only a single model, Airwave only pushes it to the Virtual Controller and the virtual controller is responsible for pushing it to the other APs in the cluster.  You need to schedule downtime, because there is not a planned effort to maintiain uptime for clients when a firmware upgrade is going on...

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Re: AirWave IAP Firmware Upgrade Reboot Behavior

That clears it up, thanks!

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