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I'm running a custom RF health report on AirWave and i have a question regarding one of the fields. What is this "number of clients," and what does it mean?


I'm sure the real number of clients associated is not these zero's and one...



Thanks,number of clients field.PNG


Re: AirWave RF Health Report

The 'number of clients' is the count of clients on a particular radio at some point in the duration of the report time frame.  If this is a daily report, then the time frame is in the last 24 hours.


Some possible cases where the number of clients is 0 and usage is non-0 can be:

1. Radio may have been broadcasting

2. Client associated / disassociated between AMP pollings - in the time lapse between polls, AMP would see the bandwidth usage as the counter increased, but not see the user

3. The AP hosts an open trusted SSID that doesn't audit clients for usernames

4. Unassociated clients can be hitting a pre-auth page


Keep in mind that usage is in bps, so the radio with a client's usage is cut of, but at least 30KB.  While the other radios that saw noise were in the 3KB - 9KB range.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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