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AirWave and Zero Touch Provision 2930F



Im trying to commision some switches (2930F) based on zero touch provisioning with Airwave and a DHCP server.


The DHCP server is configured to supply the correct Group, folder parameters and ip address. Under AMS Setup > General > Automatic Authorization "Automatically Authorized Switch Mode" is configured for "Manage Read/Write"


But somehow the first switch being added to the group needs some manual intervention. New Devices.png

It shows up under New Devices.

Debug on the switch shows 

I 01/01/90 00:03:08 05101 amp-server: AMP server configuration is disabled due to first configuration.

After manualy setting it to Manage Read Write the configuration from my template is being pushed.


Any subsequent switches do get provisoned correctly. No intervention needed.

2 up Devices.png

Is this normal behaviour? Can I make AirWave handle the first switch the same as the other switches?


AirWave version being used is


Hope someone can clarify on what's going on.


With kind regards,


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Re: AirWave and Zero Touch Provision 2930F

It is expected behaviour, in ztp first device will be discovered in new device list and we have to acknowledge it manually. From the second ZTP device onwards for the same group and folder as the first device, it will automatically move into the corresponding group and folder.



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Re: AirWave and Zero Touch Provision 2930F

Hello Pavan,


That is indeed the behaviour I'm experiencing. I expected, or hoped, it to be zero touch even for the first device


Thanks for your reply,




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