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AirWave report listing number of AP's Up by Group.

A client would like to generate a report that lists total number of AP's up and total number down, by group.  They have several buildings and each is a separate group.  The would like a report that lists something like this:


Building 1 - 20 up - 2 down

Building 2 - 25 up - 0 down



If that is not possible, what about a report that lists APs that are down, by group.


Group 1

AP1 down

AP6 down


Group 2

AP3 down

AP18 down



Is this possible using AirWave Custom Reports?



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Re: AirWave report listing number of AP's Up by Group.

As of now there is no report to get the currently down device. However, you can try the option of going to the down devices list and exporting the list in CSV format. This will have the devices which are down along with the group and folder details.

Device Down.png


In case you are looking for detail on down devices from past you can select the report definition as custom and use Device downtime details as the definiton.



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