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AirWave support for FortiNet Wireless

I have a very new FortiGate and FortiNet wireless that is running fine for what we need.  Unfortunately we purchased the wireless before we found out about Aruba Instant.  We are about to purchase some Aruba 2920 access switches and I want to know if I can use Aruba's AirWave to manage the FortiGate wireless solution along with the up coming Aruba wired network.  I see the obvous reasons to go with AirWave but I can't find a comprehensive list of vendors and devices that have been tested.  There is a significant difference between Manage and Monitor so I would like to understand the caveats and what I should be able to see on the FortiNet wireless solution that is controlled by the FortiGate.

Thanks a bunch!  Jamie 


Re: AirWave support for FortiNet Wireless

Currently, there's no direct support for FortiNet devices.  You have the ability to add them as 'Universal Network Devices' in AirWave, but that only gives you monitoring ability of the FortiNet devices (and only if FortiNet devices respond to MIB II OIDs).  It'd be a feature request to officially add support for FortiNet devices.  You'd also want to alert your sales rep so that they can try to discuss with Product Management.


Details to add to any feature request: The FortiNet device models and firmware versions.  Number of FortiNet devices present (and number expected if there's planned growth).

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