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Airwave 7.7.10 and IE9

I feel silly asking -- given how old IE9 is, but it was working yesterday, and now it's not.


I upgraded from 7.7.9 to 7.7.10 and today users get either a blank white page, or a blank white page with the "helpful" missive "error on page" in the status bar.


I didn't see support for IE9 ending listed in the release notes, so I'm hoping this wasn't intended.

Anyone have a fix or workaround?


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Re: Airwave 7.7.10 and IE9


Unfortunately I don’t  have any solution.  I could just say that you are not alone,  I have the same issue after a upgrade from 7.7.7 to 7.7.10.

In the release notes we can find some issues with IE9 with VisualRF but it all.


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