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Hi, I just updated Airwave from to After the virtual machine has restarted I cannot log in with "ampadmin -password". Does anyone know if they have been changing credentials?



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i just upgraded my lab VM and the ampadmin account was that same as before the upgrade(ie username ampadmin).  So I dont think its changed.

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As alow has already said, the username did not change. I using "admin" and it still works in

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It's not *supposed* to affect upgrades, but this might be relevant:



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It should still work. I upgraded yesterday and didnt find any issue with it. Hope you didnt run out of disk space on the server. ampadmin login wouldnt work sometimes when we run out of disk space/DB is down.


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i haven't the same issue, but an issue with the login after updating to

I use "LDAP Authentication and Authorization".
After the update, no one can login to airwave (WebGUI) via LDAP.

I thought it was maybe the mentioned above password policy, so i changed the password to hit the airwave-password-policy, but it didn't work.

Has somebody an idea?

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One thing to try - Remove the LDAP settings in AMP and Readd the details to see if LDAP auth works.

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@Gowri Amujuri wrote:

One thing to try - Remove the LDAP settings in AMP and Readd the details to see if LDAP auth works.

No. Still doesn't work.

Is there a log-file, where i can see ldap-authentication-attempts?
I created a diagnostic-file und looked (grep) thru all the logfiles, but the only thing i could find (in /var/log/amp_events) was ""Failed login attempt".
Or is there anywhere a setting, where i can increase the loglevel for ldap logs?


I've manually tested it (ldapsearch on my pc) with the same settings and it worked. So the LDAP-Service /-Server works fine.

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No,we dont have specific log to check for LDAP related login issues, we need to take packetcapture  from CLI during login failed attempts to see whether proper role or any request been sent to Airwave or LDAP.


Make sure to enter complete base DN name where users are located and also check for Bind password details are correct. If everything is fine but still see auth failures, I would recommand to open TAC ticket.

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Re: Airwave

For the LDAP case; does the LDAP server use older ciphers?  If so, toggle the 'Support Deprecated Ciphers' option under AMP Setup -> Authentication -> LDAP Config


For the CLI account access failing after upgrade -> nothing from the CLI changed.  You can always go through the AMP recovery route to reset the ampadmin password - this is detailed in the AMPCLI appendix of the User Guide.

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