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Airwave Baseline Configuration

Hi All


I'm just getting started with Airwave, so please excuse what may be a dumb question.


I have multiple Aruba 2930F-48G-4SFP+ switches that we are now managing in Airwave.


This afternoon, I need to add a few bits to the config like adding names to ports so that the config becomes self-documenting.


The change happened as I expected using the Config Jobs tool, however the switch I tested on now has a status of "Mismatched".


From looking at the Config page for the switch, when the switch was added to our Airwave, it imported the existing configuration and made it the "Baseline".


I'd like to either change the "Baseline" to another config (ie: the current config" or just remove the "Baseline" all together if this is possible.





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Re: Airwave Baseline Configuration

You can select a configuration which you want to make it as a baseline to keep the Status as "Good".


Please refer the snapshot attached to 

Step 1 : Edit a Config

Step 2 : Enable "Baseline Configuration" checkbox and "Save" to save the configuration as Baseline.






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