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Airwave Client Count

We are currently running AirWave, Our AP's show the number of clients connected but our switches (2540). Is this feature available for the switches?

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Re: Airwave Client Count

We can do snmp walk from AMPCLI>Advanced>Enter Commands  and check if client count details coming from switch or not.


wlsxSwitchTotalNumStationsAssociated OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX Unsigned32
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
Total Number of Stations Associated to this switch.


Example, use syntax which ever protocol you are using to monitor devices.


$sw2 <ap_id> wlsxSwitchTotalNumStationsAssociated
$sw3 <ap_id> wlsxSwitchTotalNumStationsAssociated


replace ap_id with device id which we get from Devices>monitor page URL of switch in Airwave.


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