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Airwave Demo Platform

Hello All,


How many APs can we manage on a Demo Platform and does the License ever expire on a Demo Platform?

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The temp licenses I have received usually allow you to attach 2500 APs and are valid for 3 months

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Thx Victor.




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The number of APs on a server depends on the server size.  There's a sizing guide to assist (


There's also 2 key lines of the license key that dictate number of devices and duration of the evaluation period.  The 'APs' line defines the number of devices you can have on the server.  And the 'Expires_on' line represents when the GUI will cut out.  The AMP will still collect data while the license is expired, but you won't have visibility until you get an active license key.  Depending on who generates the key, a typical eval key is good for either 1 month or 3 months.

Rob Gin
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Re: Airwave Demo Platform

Thx Rob.

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Re: Airwave Demo Platform

So, I also have one more question: if trial airwave expires, I can get a generate trial key from Aruba and install trial license key on airwave or we must re-install airwave first and after installing trial license key?


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Re: Airwave Demo Platform

You do not have to reinstall if you get a new trial key.

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