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[Airwave] User connection time to Aruba AP

hi guys,

i want to generate report which contain user first login to Access Point and last login to Access Point. where can i find this spesific report?

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Re: [Airwave] User connection time to Aruba AP

Generate Client session report and selecte include details of every session under Advanced options. This will generate details of every session and can be sorted by client MAC. The connect and disconnect times in the report are based on the report duration. The history of client is stored based on client association retention settings.However, please note that Generating this report to include session details will have huge postgres load which can affect cleanup times and backup size. 


Alternatively, if you are lokking for specific user, navigate to Client Details page of the user and at the bottom opf screen, there's association history which shows every session based on the data retention values. Create a new view for association history to show AP's and times.

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Re: [Airwave] User connection time to Aruba AP

Dear Gowri


thanks for your explanation, i found spesific user connection time and duration user connect to AP in client inventory > Client.

Regy Octavian


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Re: [Airwave] User connection time to Aruba AP

Hi Regy,


Client Inventory report shows the last connected time and uration from last connection. This is one good way to get the last connect times. However, if you are looking for first and last connection times, then Client session report or Client association history would show them.

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