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Airwave common questions



I have 2 common questions about Airwave.

1. I have let us say 100 AP-s in Campus A, Building B - if there is an error (1 AP down) I want to see the Campus/Building/floor in red color or blinking - do we have this functionality in Airwave?

2. after a device discovery - which OID, MIBs are polled - where to see them - the idea is the client wants to filter / allow only some OID to get out of the cisco switch ?

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Re: Airwave common questions



you will see the donw devices when you drill down to the Campus Level in VisualRF - see attached.

On the other hand you have your top header, where down devices are shown as number and when you click on you will get a list of down devices.

You cannot filter on OIDs in AirWave so that only specific data is shown / polled.



Re: Airwave common questions

part 1)

you are better off setting up the trigger for down device.  from there, it will provide link to the devices monitoring page which would include thumbnail to the floor plan.


also when viewing a floor plan, the AP icon is red for a down AP.


part 2)

i think this is an interesting approach, can you describe more on the reasoning?  this is the first request of this usage case, most HPE/Aruba customers are using AMON with light SNMP (as AMON doesn't fully replace all SNMP topics yet - but pure SNMP doesn't provide data for the newer features that are AMON only like Traffic Analysis and Clarity Live).  the AMON approach removes the workload on the controller to build out an SNMP response for large topics.  i'd also express some concern for maintenance when firmware updates generate new SNMP tables - as I don't often see new features broken down to the OID level in release notes.

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Re: Airwave common questions

thanks for the information provided - it is more than enough at this stage

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