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Airwave - custom logging & reporting functionality

Hello All!


I have a question around expansion of the standard behaviour of the product:


Can you log additional information from custom scripts from a device, ie. custom stats from a controller. Then this information be reported into a graph.I'm guessing you would have to extend the database to achieve this and I can't see any elements in the interface that allows you to add new custom elements?


If this is not possble - has anyone had any experience with using an external reporting tool to 'roll up' the regular reports to?



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Re: Airwave - custom logging & reporting functionality

AirWave doesn't offer custom data collection and charting like this. What stats are you interested in collecting that aren't there today?


Any standard tool for generic data collection will work, like Cacti or RRDtool. also has some scripts that show how to extract data from the MIB. 

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