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Airwave disk space growth - 8.2.4

Many of the older posts and articles about airwave disk space are centered around accessing the underlying linux system.  Now that the access is locked, how is one suppose to identify and clean up disk space effectively on airwave?   


I've already:

1) reduced the backup retention down to 2.  I don't feel comfortable going lower.


2) cut all historical data retention down from 120, to 90, to 60, and now 30 days.  I feel if I go much lower, I might as well drop Airwave all together..




Each day it just continues to grow and Alert on disk space usage.




Mike Davis
Network Engineer
University of Delaware

Re: Airwave disk space growth - 8.2.4

Hi Mike,

Please involve TAC so that they can take the root access and do the neccessary cleaning and also analyze the tables taking up more space. You can also see the table consuming disk space from system --> performance page as well. However, for cleaning we would have to involve TAC.


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