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Airwave local database user accounting

We have Airwave configured with some local users. Does Airwave do any local accounting of attributes, like the last time a user login? I was looking through the manual and it did not appear that Airwave had those features internally and we would need to use an external radius server for any user accounting information. There are some accounts that I don't think have been used for months, if ever, but I would like to verify the last login date before I disable them.




Re: Airwave local database user accounting

If you're talking about users that you see on AMP Setup -> Users...


Then you can trace back a user's last authentication to the AMP GUI in at least the last 4 days.  To do this for the current day, you need to login to AMP from the CLI and parse through /var/log/httpd/access_log.


If you cd /var/log/httpd, you will see that AMP retains 4 days of access_log (that's including the current running date).  The access_log is an alias to the current day's log file.  You can try grepping the logs for specific usernames.


# cd /var/log/httpd

# grep -l admin access*

-This will output any access files that the user admin appears in

-You can then use a text editor to view the file and trace down the time of the login.


Format of the log messages is:

AMP_IP - amp_auth_username [date/time of request] "page requested"


Example of access_log where 'admin' is the logged in user: - admin [17/Sep/2012:05:07:42 -0700] "GET /amp_stats?include_all_stats=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 922 - admin [17/Sep/2012:05:07:42 -0700] "GET /folder_list.xml HTTP/1.1" 200 3825 - admin [17/Sep/2012:05:07:42 -0700] "GET /alerts.xml HTTP/1.1" 200 233

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