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Airwave report of devices connected

Is there a way to make a report in which the airwave can tell me this?


For example

a report which will tell me that 354 users were connected to lobby AP  from 1pm to 5pm ?



a report which willl tell me that 504 users were connnceted to lobby and restaurant AP yesterday


is this possible?




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Re: Airwave report of devices connected

You can:


- Put a single AP or the aps you are concerned about in an Airwave group by themselves temporarily

- Run a Device Summary report against that Airwave group limiting it to the time period you are concerned with.


You get this:


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Re: Airwave report of devices connected

If you don't want to move you APs between folders, just go to the view that shows the least APs but includes the ones you're concerned with (I usually use the Top folder with 'expand folders to show all aps/devices' toggled) -> then choose 'modify devices' -> check the APs that are located in the lobby -> and then from the drop down select 'run report'.  This will allow you to run a report on just the APs for the lobby.  And then you can setup your report definition to device summary or client session based on the desired details.


1) expand folder view


2) modify devices to get selection check boxes


3) and then from modify devices action drop down menu -> select run report





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