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Airwave reporting maximum history time needed


Hi together,

For an RFP i need to know the maximum time for history data on the Airwave NW Mgmt Platform. Customer asks for saving of history data for 3 years. (For Clientdatas for MAC, AP, IP Addr. Datarate, SNR)

Datas can be compressed after 1 month. Is this possible ? Or is it possible to offload this Data

to a anotherdatabase ? 


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Re: Airwave reporting maximum history time needed

AirWave Historical Data Retention maxes out at 1500 days for 'inactive client' data, 550 days for active client data (see AMP Setup -> General -> Historical Data Retention).  So for a customer wanting to maintain 3 years of data, they should run either a daily/weekly/or monthly client session report (make sure to check the 'include data on all sessions') and export as either csv or pdf to email or scp/ftp to another server for storage.  Duration of the report depends on number of clients daily.  If customer is a hotspot/airport/store with a lot of unauthenticated clients, then it should be a daily report.  If customer is an office environment, then a monthly report may work.


Another option is to run the report, and then generate a script to collect the data using the report APIs (documented in Home -> Documentation -> State and statistical APIs -> Latest Report API).

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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