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Airwave upgrade for ASP Portal migrated users



The most of my customers are already migrated from HPE MyNetworking to


Now, if I want to upgrade airwave to a newer 8.2.x.x the download from MyNetworking option does not work anymore, because obviously the newest releases are not stored there.
On the other hand, my logins does not work anymore.

A option to download the upgrade packages from is not available by now.


Am I right, if I say that the only way to upgrade airwave to the latest versions, is to upload the upgrade backage to airwave by SCP?



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Re: Airwave upgrade for ASP Portal migrated users

Current status for ASP:

There's a feature story to implement online upgrades for ASP, estimated target is


New releases are still posted to the old support.aruba and MNP portals.  If your access to either of the UI for those portal works, then access to the online upgrades should still work (as long as entitlement licensing is passing).  I actually tested and confirmed yesterday that upgrade from MNP works.  If you're seeing issues, a TAC case can be opened - or the manual upgrade route would also work (for users w/ only access to ASP - they would have to go the manual route).


There were some bugs with MNP update, but it should be working if upgrading from 8.2.9.x.  Keep in mind that is the migration point to move to CentOS7 which requires a fresh install.

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Re: Airwave upgrade for ASP Portal migrated users



I tested the upgrade to yesterday with two accounts.
Both accounts are allready migratet to ASP.
My own account is a partner account.
And the second one was a customer account.

We can use MNP but we get the errorcode that the upgrade is not available to download.

I think because the licenses where already migrated to ASP...?
By the way, new licenses can only activated on ASP ... so new airwave/clearpss/AOS customers must be migrated to ASP.


For the moment I work with scp uploads.

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