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Airwave useability

Hello, I am returning to using Airwave after a number of years away from it and I'm struck by how the UI has changed since I last used it. I'm mainly frustrated in how difficult it seems to get the data I'm looking for and then displaying it. Anyone else struggling with making 8.2.2 useful or more useable? 

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Re: Airwave useability

A number of years is an eternity in technology and there have been plenty of changes.  If you tell us what you what to accomplish, maybe we can provide the best workflow for what you want to do.

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Re: Airwave useability

I was initially unhappy with many of the changes as Airwave moved from "old-school with flash" to HTML5 - mostly missing features, etc.

I have found that many features have come back and I've gotten used to the new navigation bits.

Let us know what you're missing and we can either show you where to find it, or commiserate as appropriate ;)


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Re: Airwave useability

One usability problem for me with the newer versions: I cannot find a way to resize columns in device lists.

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Re: Airwave useability

I think the biggest complaint I have is that I'd like to see a choice of graph styles, and perhaps more flexible or even ad-hoc graphing.


For example, when looking at Home>Overview, and having Clients/Usage top-left, I'd like the graph of Clients (by SSID) to be a stacking graph that's filled, like the Usage graph is filled. The same for the Clients/Radio graph when I drill down to a specific AP. I'd also like to be able to have something like a bar graph that would allow me to display a total of all clients by radio, ie 2.4 vs 5. Maybe what I want is available in reporting, but I haven't been able to figure it out yet. 


And I don't care for the dashboard graphics on the controllers. For example, the 10 colored boxes for client health and snr. They give no contextual information about magnititue; I need to parse all the numbers in the boxes with my puny human brain.  A colored bar graph would be much more useful. And the Traffic Analysis/AppRF Windowy boxes? They are of no use as they are, and it doesn't appear I can change them. 




Re: Airwave useability

Thanks for the great feedback.  Will relate this into feature requests and then see what the Product team decides.


@AFK We are currently testing out a new UI piece to allow column resizing.


@Nyetwerx Introducing options to select graph styles is a request we've heard a few times, so I'll bump that request again to see if it can get some attention.  As far as clients per radio, there's a daily page built: Home -> RF Capacity that shows usage per radio, there's also an RF Health report that's pretty handy.  And then will send the controller feedback to the AOS team.

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