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Aruba S2500 switch - slot 0 tmp storage full

Hello All, 

I am new to this website, not sure if I am in the right area if seeking for some help. 

At my current job, we have an Aruba S2500 that has a amber blinking status light. The alert reads - slot 0 tmp storage full. I Googled, and searched some of the Airheads forums for this alert, but could not find much info. Does anyone know where I can look for more info about this alert? Or maybe know what this means and and if it is something to worry about and how to fix it? I can upload info switch if it helps, that is if I am taking the correct steps in posting here. -Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: Aruba S2500 switch - slot 0 tmp storage full

In case anyone encounters this issue, the alert went away on its own and the status light is now green.I emailed support, provided some details,  sent aruba support some log files and this was their response. Hope this helps someone. -Thnx.


Thank you for the response.

the message "slot 0 tmp storage full" means that the slot 0 temporary files storage have reached full.

As per the logs I can see that there are no large files under /tmp directory.

#show memory debug  ((pasted needed output))
No excessively large files found under /tmp

Files in /tmp directory (in blocks) 
   4 RebootCause
   0 auth_restart
   0 certmgr
   0 cli-helper.sock
   4 cliWebCfgData.cfg
   0 cloudcfg_rx_fifo
   0 cloudcfg_tx_fifo
   4 countryCode
   4 cpu
   0 dbsync
   0 dbupdated
   4 deviceCertLib.log
   8 deviceCertLib.log.debug
   4 drive_test.log
   4 ecdsa.der
   4 ecdsakey.dat
   4 ecdsakey.der
   0 fieldCertTmp
   0 fieldPrivKeys
   0 fipspipe
   4 http_log_level
   0 ike_restart
   4 invbarf
   4 lic_cb
   4 localtime
  40 mem_mon_last_poll
  36 mem_mon_once
   4 msgh_debug_counters
   0 msghdlr_comm
   0 mysql.sock
   4 name
   0 nanny
   0 nastmp
   8 pretemp.cfg
   4 profmgr_ids
   4 profmgr_pid
   4 ramfs_size
   0 sap_dnlded
   4 snmpstart
   4 snmptrapstart
   0 soedInternalOnly
   4 ss_cert.pem
   0 sshclicomm
   4 stackmgr_trace.txt
   4 swkey
   0 syslogcmdfp
   0 tempCertKey
   4 tpmCertPresent
   4 tpmKeyHandles.bin
   4 uii.cache
   0 usb
   0 user-db-dbBackup.error

So there not much to worry. Please do a regular check on the "Use %" under #show storage member all" command in intervals of 3-4 hours and see if we are getting any increment (refer below output):

#show storage member all  

Member-id: 0 
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
none                    300.0M      3.6M    296.4M   1% /tmp
/dev/ud3                755.6M     22.6M    694.6M   3% /flash

Member-id: 1 
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
none                    300.0M     20.1M    279.9M   7% /tmp
/dev/ud3                755.6M     17.3M    699.9M   2% /flash

Member-id: 2 
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
none                    300.0M     12.1M    287.9M   4% /tmp
/dev/ud3                755.6M     17.3M    699.9M   2% /flash

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