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Automatic containment, AirOS

I have an aruba mobility controller 3000, and 4 ap 125s.

I have a home office, and this equipment is deployed there. 

I live in a very VERY 2.4ghz congested area and there is a large number of consumer-grade devices around that are interfering with my network.


I notice distinct improvement when I go into the UI and "manually contain" these devices, but it only works temporarily. 


Is there a way to enable automatic containment of rogue and interfering access points that don't match a whitelist in this version of airos?

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Re: Automatic containment, AirOS

There is a way to automatically contain those devices, but I would consult legal counsel before doing so:

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Re: Automatic containment, AirOS

Okay, Presuming that I'm actively talking to my attorney already about it, and that a way forward is found, putting all the legal onus on me at this point, how would I hypothetically get this accomplished?


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Re: Automatic containment, AirOS

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Re: Automatic containment, AirOS

Most excellent, thank you very much!

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