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Best practice for Centos Yum updates under airwave

We are currently running Airwave 8.2.2 on Centos 6.2 . Wondering about recommended practice for patching the OS. General rule is to keep things patched, but it is not obvious to me how this might interact with Airwave. What about OS minor versions? Looks like Centos 6 is up to 6.8.


Is it safe to just run "yum update" and let it install the things it thinks need patching?



Also is it generally necessary to stop / restart Airwave before running yum update? Seems it would be, but I haven't found a general procedure for cleanly stopping Airwave: amp_disable seems to do a lot, but for me, it left postgres running  (though I couldn't really tell if amp_disable had exited cleanly or not, so maybe it had failed before getting to postgres).

Re: Best practice for Centos Yum updates under airwave

Hi ,

It should be safe to run yum update on the server. Also, you dont have to stop or restart Airwave for doing yum update.




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Re: Best practice for Centos Yum updates under airwave

It's also worth it to point out that AirWave upgrades will include rpm updates for critical OS level bugs like Shellshock, Poodle, etc.  So it's also a reminder to keep on the latest release if corp policies and upgrade windows allow it.

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