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Can Aruba Activate pass a hostname to be set in AirWave?



If I have, for instance, an Aruba 2930F switch setup in Aruba Activate to point to my AirWave server, is there a way to specify the hostname to be set when initially provisioning? 


I have the switch automatically fetch the config, however the hostname is always the stock "Aruba-2930F-8G-PoEP-2SFPP" hostname until I manually change it _after_ the config is pushed. Is there a way for me to set the hostname in advance, either through Aruba Activate or some other way, so that the correct hostname is set during the initial provisioning of the switch? I've tried setting the device name in Activate, and I've tried a few things like DHCP option 12, etc. Nothing seems to help get the hostname set.

Ideally I want it to be all ZTP, where I can pre-define the configs for the switch, connect all the data cables, and have it fetch its complete config during initial boot.


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Can Aruba Activate pass a hostname to be set in AirWave?

If you use the whitelist option in Airwave with the Activate "device name" field, then yes...the hostname will become the device name upon provisioning

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