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Re: Client Match not working very well on some users?


I do undersand that

But my question was regarding of what happens with an AP 104 and if it has external atenas a semidirectional one, which focus de beam to reach further.


How does this affect to clients? which does not have a semidirectional antenna to focus the beam to asnwer back???


 I mean this antenas would be used for specfifc scenarios...

I do get lot of clients asking me why do we need soo many APS why dont we just use a semidirectional antena so it can reach further, and i want to have this clear to asnwer correctly to this type of statement... also to know how does this work!


I really dont use external antennas, i use 95% of times internal antenas like aP 205, 215 etc.




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Re: Client Match not working very well on some users?

Hi Carlos,


Long time ago about this post, but did you find out the answer to your question about APs with semidirectional antennas and clients? I am curious because most of the time I use APs with internal antennas, but I have cases where I used APs with semidirectional antennas (AP-277) to give coverage to large outdoor halls and the clients were cell phones.

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