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Controller interface monitoring

I'm new to using Airwave and wanted to know if there was a way to monitor a controllers physical port and be alerted if it goes down. I can't see that this exists in the triggers - only an interface usage which I can put in a vaule that creates a trigger when exceeded.

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Re: Controller interface monitoring

You would do this:


1.  Configure your controller to send syslog to your airwave server:

config t

logging <ip address of Airwave>

2.  Setup a trigger that looks for the syslog message for an interface being down:

An interface down syslog message looks like this: (type show log network all)


Mar 19 19:27:00 :209801:  <WARN> |fpapps|  Physical link down: port 1/2

 You would configure a trigger for that by looking for the words "Physical link down":



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Re: Controller interface monitoring

Thank you - I will give this a try.

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Re: Controller interface monitoring

I have tested this and it works as expected, Thank you.

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