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Determine bandwidth usage through an AP

Hi All,

Running master-local setup, ver., M3/6000 controllers.


We use WhatsUp gold for network monitoring. Due to using GRE, netflow collection for Aruba is not very useful (you only see the traffic amounts from the AP to the controller, no client stats or details like destination, protocol, etc).

WhatsUp Gold alerted that a particular site (via netflow) was maxing out it's ISP links. All I could tell was that the majority of that traffic was coming from an AP, over GRE, to the controller.

I have been unable to use the native tools on the controller nor in Airwave to determine what user connected to that particular AP was the culprit. I'd also like to see what his/her destination of traffic was, besides the amount for the timeframe.

Anyone know how I can get this data? (I know the AP, I need to know what users were connected to it, how much bandwidth they used, and what the destination they connected to, during a specific timeframe).



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Re: Determine bandwidth usage through an AP

In Airwave you can go to the particular AP monitoring page and view the usage graph for the time period and see which SSID and radio was the biggest bandwidth user, but I can't see how to find out which clients were on at that time.

That's information that I'd like to have also. I'll keep digging.

Update this thread if you find anything, and maybe someone will drop in who can complete the picture.


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Re: Determine bandwidth usage through an AP

Thanks Matthew,

Yep, I see that too.

I'm also skeptical about the "usage" report on that page.

I see that the usage rate does not break 300K at any point during my timeframe (15 minutes). However, netflow from the site's router shows traffic from that AP at well over 500Mbps (aggregate) for the same timeframe.

This is probably because I'm comparing the radio throughput with the physical network port throughput however. I don't see a way to get usage on enet0.

It would be great to see AppRF for a particular AP, but I don't think that is available.



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Re: Determine bandwidth usage through an AP

For others' seems that the best way to do this is via reports in Airwave. I built a custom report with numerous bandwidth related metrics, and pared it down to what I was looking for. 

The most pertinent metric was "Top Clients by Total MB Used", and since I customized the report to just the AP's and location I wanted, it gave me the highest user during a certain time period. That, and the "Top Applications" and  "Top Destinations" and I just use it as a template, and change the AP (or folder) and timeframe and I get what I was looking for.


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