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Does anyone know what this arrow means ?

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing good. 

I would like to know if someone are familiary with this message below:




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Re: Does anyone know what this arrow means ?

Left icon of up arrow = device up status

Right icon of both direction arrows = verifying state (audit in-progress)


If it was a mismatch, then you'd see a strike through icon

And a yield symbol (triangle w/ exclamation mark) would mean that ther was an error trying to read config (or firmware/model not in the supported device library yet)


Typically, if you mouse-over the icons, there should be a popup reflecting the same.

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Re: Does anyone know what this arrow means ?

Right iron is override. VC has it own config which is different with group level's.





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Re: Does anyone know what this arrow means ?

Hi ,


Click on mismatch it will take you to mismatch page where we could what configuration mismatch we are seeing between Airwave and VC.




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