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Edit device IP in IMC 7.3

I need to change the IP address for ~50 swicthes. I have read on old forum posts that this is not possible via the UI. Does someone know if this is possible via de API? If not, I know you can edit the database. Does someone know which database, table and record names I need to look for?

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Re: Edit device IP in IMC 7.3



only supported method, I know of, is to remove the devices and rediscover them using their new IP.


You loose historic information to your devices while doing this.

You could set the the old devices (old IPs) to unmanaged, if you have enough node licences to keep old data for them.


You could search additionally. But I only found hints to edit database without details how to do this. (and please keep in mind, it is unsupported)


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