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Email Airwave report as attachment


I am currently receiving reports that are contained in the body of the email.

Is there a way to make the scheduled report arrive as an email attachment ?


Alternativly can I use an APi to have a web page collect the data/run the report and collect the results.


Re: Email Airwave report as attachment

For the API, we have one (according to the user guide) for Visual RF:


VisualRF provides the following location APIs:


Site Inventory: https://[amp_host]/visualrf/site.xml?site_id=...


l You can find the site_id from the Floor Plan List query defined on the XML API page

This interface provides floor details including access points, walls, regions, surveys, etc.

lThe corresponding example XML and schema are attached in visualrf_site_inventory.*Device Location: https://[amp_host]/visualrf/location.xml?mac=...


l Provide the radio MAC of the client to locate.
l The corresponding site where the user was placed is provided along with the dimensions
l If a client is heard on multiple floors, it will only be placed on the floor that contains the AP it is associated with. 


For reports, you can export as a CSV or PDF.  I assume you are exporting as HTML...however, you can do all 3 formats in a ZIP file.


AMP allows you to export individual reports in XML (xhtml), CSV, or PDF. You can also export all reports at once, and a zip file will be generated with all of the files in CSV format included. These files can be read by an HTML browser or opened in Excel. The CSV files can be opened in any text editor. The PDF files can be viewed using any reader. 


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Re: Email Airwave report as attachment

For the reports... when you create the report definition select the 'email format' option and then the pull-down enables you to select HTML (default), PDF or CSV.


See attached.   I typically select PDF and all the reports show up as tidy attachments.


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Re: Email Airwave report as attachment

Thanks JF,


Exactly what I was looking for, however, I don't have that option on the screen.

I am running Version 7.5.5, is this the same version as you ?


Thanks again.



Re: Email Airwave report as attachment

PDF reports was a new feature in AirWave 7.6.  Current release is 7.7.4.

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Re: Email Airwave report as attachment

Please note everyone, if the report is too big (too many lines), Adobe truncates the PDF that is emailed, therefore you will not get the full report.
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