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Error with Switch management via Airwave



I am getting following error on the Airwave. Can you please guide me thorugh the issue. 


Aruba 2930F-48G-PoE+-4SFP+  Configuration status changed to 'Telnet/SSH Error: Error pushing configuration ( ******** SFTP download in progress. 00000K 00008K 00016K 00024K All users locked from SSH/TELNET/Console access will be unlocked. Proceed?[y/n] y Current running-configuration will be replac) Check command log for detail'


Re: Error with Switch management via Airwave

The error shows that the SSH creds added to AirWave for the switch are incorrect and hence the config oush fails. The second part in the error stating that the new config will replace the switch config pist the config push.

I would suggest to open a TAC case to check at the config pusher logs and determine the issue and fix.


Re: Error with Switch management via Airwave

Hello Nilay,


As Gowri mentioned, just correcting the credentails should fix your problem. Before that make sure, this switch is in monitor only mode, before updating the ssh credentails. In Monitor mode, it would not push the configuration. after verifying the config, on Airwave and switch, you can change the mode to manage, if you want to push the config.


if you still have issues, you can private message me your email address, i will create a TAC case and work with you.

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