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Failover server sizing

Hi Team,


If I have 12000 AMP licenses across 3 instances and I take 12000 failover licenses, do I need 3 failover servers to accomodate it or can I take scheduled backups on a single failover server for all 12000 devices which can also serve as a standby in case one of the AMP instances go down? Customer doesn't need 1:1 redundancy, he is ok to provision only 1 standby server.


Thanks in advance!!


Re: Failover server sizing

A single Failover server can monitor multiple AirWave setups.  The licensing and sizing should be the size of the largest AirWave setup.  Just know that if there's a failure, that failure needs to be addressed otherwise there's no additional failover coverage.


For example, if you have 3 AirWave servers: 2500, 3000, 4000.  You'd want to size the failover to handle the 4000 size.  This would mean it'd handle the 4000, but it'd also handle 2500 and 3000 size if they failed.

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