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Help configure controler interface with Airwave


We need to configure contolers interfaces with AirWave.

We did the flowing in the controler group:

-1 Controller Config -> Local Config -> Network -> Ports/Interface -> Gigabit Eth ->GE0/0/1 :

Switchport Mode: Trunk

Switchport Trunk Allowed VLANs: 2212,2216

Trusted VLANs: 1-4094

-2 Controller Config -> Local Config -> Network ->VLANs :

Add 2 VLANs (2212 , 2216)

-3 Controller Config -> Local Config -> Network ->IP -> Routed VLAN Interface : Add 2 New Routed VLAN Interface with IP config mode = static.

-4 For each controller we add New Aruba Controller Override for :
IP net mask, IP Address.

The problem is, the 2 controlers get the change in the config, but when we try to ping it, only one is responding !

vlan config on the switch thats connect the controlers betwen them is correct, we already tested it. When we configure it in CLI directly on the Controllers, it work fine until Airwave push his config ...

Did you have any idea what is wrong?


Controller Aruba 7210 v 

AirWave AMP

PS: Sorry for my English ... (French people)

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