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[How To] How to get UCC data in Airwave from Controller

Starting with Airwave 8.0 we can get the LYNC call info in UCC tab, but by default it’s not enable and we have to enable the option in controller as well as in Airwave.

Note: for working this feature we need to have Airwave version 8.0 + AOS 6.4

OS version of Airwave: 8.0.6 ; IP address

OS version of the controller:   ; IP address:

  1. We need to enable UCC data collection in Airwave,

Open AMP Setup> General page on Airwave,


  1. Now we have to add the Airwave as a management server in Controller.

#config t                  

(Config)#show mgmt-server profile


Now copy the default-amp profile and run the below command

(config)# mgmt-server type amp primary-server profile default-amp


  1. In controller UCC monitoring is not enabled by default, so we have to enable that.

(config)#show mgmt-server profile default-amp; to check the setting on that profile.


To enable UCC monitoring run the following command

(config)#mgmt-server profile default-amp

(Mgmt Config profile “default-amp”)#uccmonitoring-enable

(Mgmt Config profile “default-amp”)#end

# show mgmt-server profile default-amp


# show running-config | include mgmt-server


The setup has done, now you should get UCC data in Airwave.


  1. Check that the AMON port 8211/UDP is enabled between Controller and Airwave.
  2. Do one packet capture in airwave by issuing the following command

Root# tcpdump -s0 -w /tmp/controller_ucc.dmp host <Controller IP> && port 8211

You will get this file in Airwave under /tmp directory.


  1. If you are using VRRP remember to add all the controller separately and not the VRRP ip.


  1. Once I have done everything correctly but though the UCC traffic was not coming, so I turned on AppRF and its started to show in Airwave [Still don’t know how]


In Airwave:


In Controller:





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