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Mix and matching templates? Or repeating config jobs?

Hi, I am working on trying to get automated provisioning of Aruba switches working.


Is there any way to push multiple templates to a device, rather than one complete config? I'd like to be able to make small config templates, that various devices could share. Then, just select whatever templates are required for the group/device it's set for? Is anything like that possible?


I guess I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how to customize aspects of individual switches to be automatically applied when provisioning? Like, for instance, I have a template that I'm pushing to the devices that contains 'universal' settings like dns, ntp, etc. But then if I want to enable HTTPS, I need to run a config job with something like this:

crypto pki enroll-self-signed certificate-name %hostname% subject common-name %hostname%
web-management ssl

Now this never changes. But there seems to be no way to repeat config jobs, so I need to copy and paste the commands into a new job every time I add a new device. How can I get something like that to run automatically during the initial setup? Or if I created a little library of commonly shared config snippits, how can I specify certain ones to apply to a device when provisioning?


I'd like to be able to purchase a switch, have it show up in Activate, import to AirWave, and be able to start customizing and configuring before I even have it in hand -- so that when I plug it in it will just fetch exactly what it should have. Creating a unique group/template for every single device seems like it would defeat the purpose using "templates".


The limitations and lack of management ability makes me almost want to just use AirWave to backup device configs, and use something like Ansible playbooks to actually manage and configure the devices... Any suggestions to accomplish something like I described? I can try to explain better if my end goal is unclear.




Re: Mix and matching templates? Or repeating config jobs?

AirWave does single template config.  It'd be a feature request to break that behavior down to be more granular.  You might try opening a support case to get more direction on how you can achieve what you're trying to do.  Typically, the general template should be using wildcard variables for the settings that vary between switches.  So once you generate the template, you can individually set overrides per switch.  Are there significant differences in the configs between switches?

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Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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