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Nightly maintenance failed because...

When I log into Airwaves (, I recieve the following message:


Nightly maintenance failed because of unsuccessful jobs: clean_database. Contact Aruba Technical Support at or 1-800-943-4526 (800-WiFi-LAN).


I checked to make sure that the nightly maintenance is not running by doing the following:

#psg night

#psg maint

#psg backup


Nothing was running.


I checked the log files that are located:



I did not see any errors.


I checked the timestamp on the backups and they align with when Nightly Maintenance is set.


Nightly Maintenance Time is set at 04:15


The time stamps on the backups are 04:40, 04:41, 04:39, and 04:41.


Are there any other places I can look to try and find what is causing this error?


Thank you

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Re: Nightly maintenance failed because...

As the error says, I would recommend opening TAC case would be a better and quick option.

Jibran Aziz
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Re: Nightly maintenance failed because...

If you have upgraded Airwave recently check that the timezone is correct. I had to do that manually after every upgrade, though I think the latest one (8.2.3) kept the correct timezone.

If you have the wrong timezone then you can risk maintenance running in the middle of the day when the server load is high, and we have seen once or twice that this can lead to maintenance not being run successfully.



Re: Nightly maintenance failed because...

The portion that failed was 'clean_database' so you'll want to check the /var/log/clean_database log.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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