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No clients in Airwave, yet hundreds of APs...

Cant quite figure out why Im not seeing any clients, but its got all the APs, so assume SNMP etc must be ok...  Brand new build, set up in monitoring mode.  


Hav e read a couple of things about the WMS offload, and AW needs write access to change a setting on the vontroller for allow stats to be redirected to AW, but just wanted confirmation that this is what is needed to obtain client info.


We did demo AW a year or so back, and I dont recall having to do this, and am sure we saw client info, but then I struggle to remember what I was doing last week!



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Re: No clients in Airwave, yet hundreds of APs...


Usually Airwave should pull client data from the controller if Controller is added properly. neither you need to be in Managed mode nor any separate configuration to display Client information.


In this scenario, try to send some SNMP to controller and see whether is it responding or not.

to send a relevant SNMP use the following command,

On Airwave CLI,  

do  #  s2w <controller IP> <community string>  <UserName>


Here username is the username which you want to pull from the controller.


Please feel free to comeback if any further help required.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: No clients in Airwave, yet hundreds of APs...



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