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Some of Aruba Instant AP's status Down in Airwave


We recently built an instant network with 19 AP's. Now we are trying to add the instant network to Airwave.

Airwave manages to find the virtual controller and also all the AP's included.

But for some reason only 8 of the AP's reported status UP. We then removed all the devices from airwave and added the virtual controller again. This time only 5 of the AP's reported status UP, rest of them Airwave thinks are down, even if they aren't.

Any ideas?


EDIT: version on Instant is, AMP version 7.4.8


Re: Some of Aruba Instant AP's status Down in Airwave

Instant has gone through several changes.  7.4 and 7.5 supported Instant up to

7.6 includes support for

AirWave 7.6.3 is the current release, but I suggest waiting for the 7.6.4 release that will be released near the end of the month (as it has several fixes specifically for Instant.


Also, you'll notice that the terminology for Instant firmware version will be shown as '' or just simply 'Instant 3.2' depending on the author of the document.  AirWave shows the full firmware version string in all list view pages.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
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