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Some orientation to make a virtual site survey with Airwave 8



My actual campus wireless network consists of AP 61 and AP 105, we are planning a migration next year to new 11ac technology with AP 205 and AP225. Before doing that, it would be fine make a pre-new-deployment virtual Site Survey with airwave RF Plan, the question is, as we already have all buildings and floors with the deployed AP 61 and AP 105 AP, are there some special consideration to take into account to make this new pre-deployment virtual Site Survey?.


For example, in our background images for each floor, we haven't drawn any wall for perimetral edges, we assume we should do it, does the actual deployed AP interfere to the new planning amount of AP the tool calculates??.


I know there are important parameters we should take into account like the power of client devices, the rate (Mbps) we are planning for (capacity design model) or the maximum power for each AP.


Is there some guide for those parameters?, specially, does anyone have the suitable parameters fo client power?.


Can we define in each floor zones for capacity planning and other one for coverage?..


Steps and advices are welcome...


Thank you

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Re: Some orientation to make a virtual site survey with Airwave 8

I have found that if you create some planning zone you can use the "coverage calculator"  to estimate the number of AP for this zone.

You select the AP model, then you choose if you are planning for signal strength or rate and then you select the number of clients and maximun number of clients for AP.


The cuestion is that number of clients is max 50 and max client for AP is 20, the application doesn't allow you to edit other values, I don't know the reason because AP 225 (model I use) could have more clients than 20.


Any one could suggest me the right way to use this calculator.


Thank you

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