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Trunking LACP Between Aruba and HP Procurve Commware

Sometime we need access different vendor.
Hereby some commands to create trunking LACP between Aruba and HPE Comware.


1. Create trunk 23 trk1 lacp
   Port eth 23 as trunk to lacp.
   You can assign trunk number for this point (trk1)

2. vlan 300
   name "VLAN300"
   untagged Trk1-Trk4
   ip address
 Create vlan interface and assign the trunk to vlan.
 Assign IP Address to this device.

HP Procurve Comware

1. interface Bridge-Aggregation1
 description **To_Switch1
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk permit vlan all
 port trunk pvid vlan 300
 link-aggregation mode dynamic

Create interface LACP interface Bridge-Aggregation1 and assign pvid as vlan 300.
Assign link-aggregation mode. You can choose dynamic or static for this point.

2. interface Ethernet1/0/23
 port link-mode bridge
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk permit vlan all
 port trunk pvid vlan 300
 port link-aggregation group 1

Assign port int eth 1/0/23 as trunk to Aruba and create lacp port link-aggregation group 1.
Create port trunk pvid vlan 300 for this port to connected between Aruba and HP Procurve Commware.

3. ip route-static
 Create routing static on HP Procure Commware to connected this device to link.

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