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What triggers are best to monitor in Airwave

We have just finished setting up a new wireless infrastructure out to 15 locations worldwide. All locations have AP-105’s and MAS 3500 24 port switches, our large offices have a 3200 controller and our smaller offices have 650 controllers. We have one master controller and we also have a Airwave. All the offices come to our main location via our MPLS network we have setup GRE tunnels for the wireless to come back to the main office. We do already have SNMP turned up.


What I would like to find out is what triggers should I setup in our Airwave to help us monitor our environment? What triggers would be best to alert on to help detect issues before they become major problems? Is there a best practice document? Also is there a document that explains all the triggers and what they do?





Re: What triggers are best to monitor in Airwave

My apologies for not responding to this post, have been some issues with my account.


Most customers use the AP down trigger to notify of outages. You can set up different conditions so you can send alerts with  varying levels of severrity based on the kind of outage like critical for controllers etc. The other trigger types that I have seen customers use are number of clients per radio (device client count),  interface usage (radio bandwidth), client usage (busy clients). For RF troubleshooting and diagnostics I would recommend noise floor trigger, channel utilization.


Let me know if you would like to setup some time to discuss more.






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Re: What triggers are best to monitor in Airwave

Thanks for the responce...I was worried no one liked me  :-)


I figured the up down for the AP's, switch, and controllers would obviously be moniotred. What I was hoping to find out was more information on the other triggers I could or should setup.

I would love to have you contact me on this, that would be great.


Here is the list I was talking about.


Under System --> Triggers



  • Device Down
  • Device Up
  • Configuration Mismatch
  • Device Client Count
  • AP Usage
  • Device Resources
  • Device Event
  • Device Uplink Status



  • Radio Down
  • 802.11 Frame Counters
  • 802.11 QoS Counters
  • Interface Usage
  • Channel Utilization



  • New Device Discovered



  • New Client
  • Connected Clients
  • Client Usage
  • New VPN User
  • Connected VPN Users
  • VPN Session Usage
  • Inactive Tag
  • IPv4 Link-Local Addresses
  • Client Goodput
  • Client Speed


RADIUS Authentication Issues

  • Client RADIUS Authentication Issues
  • Device RADIUS Authentication Issues
  • Total RADIUS Authentication Issues


IDS Events

  • Device IDS Events
  • Rogue Device Classified
  • Client on Rogue AP


AMP Health

  • Disk Usage


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Re: What triggers are best to monitor in Airwave

Hi Burleyman (lol),

I trigger on:
Device Down (Device Type is Access Point) - with email altert.

I know that's not a lot. I do more with reporting.

I am looking on how to report when a certain mac address gets on the network. I keep looking... or it's a "feature" that I cannot get it to work.


Re: What triggers are best to monitor in Airwave

There's a trigger for that scenario:

Go to System -> Triggers -> Add

Select trigger type = Connected Client


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