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ZTP Setup/Default VLAN

I've read some of the documentation, but I am not entirely sure I see the best way to get ZTP setup in our environment. 


We have both AirWave (w/ Activate) and iMC -- the switches we would mainly be using ZTP with is 2530's (possibly 2920's). Which is the preferred platform/method?


Also, regarding the default VLAN 1 is this the only VLAN that can be used with ZTP? I couldn't find anything related to this in the documentation. I did read that entering config mode breaks ZTP, and setting up a seperate VLAN and adding it to the switch kinda defeats the purpose of ZTP. VLAN 1 is currently being used in minor capacity in our environment (without DHCP). 

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Re: ZTP Setup/Default VLAN

As far as I know the 2530 is not supported by Airwave/Activate ZTP because it does not have a TPM chip. So I think IMC is your only option.

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Re: ZTP Setup/Default VLAN



2530 is supported with central nowadays. Central uitilizes activate. So that must be supported too. ZTP with airwave is also available by using DHCP.

Instead of using a key from a TPM, RFC 7030 for encryption key enrollment is used.


Airwave is the platform of the future for all Aruba products, allthough feature parity is not there yet.


With IMC, you can connect new switches to a port, untagged in a different VLAN. This will work, although the switches might complain about PVID missmatches, detected by LLDP. (new Switch uses VLAN 1 untagged, existing switch a different one) This can be used to get the switches into initial contact with IMC. Within ZTP process you should afterwards assign a configuration with right VLAN settings.


Not sure about AirWave. Maybe you can put the right VLAN into an DHCP option? Someone else with more AirWave Knowledge should take over... ;-)


Regards, Jö


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