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airwave ap 125 usage

I'm not sure what board to post this to so forgive me if I've miss-posted. I'm a newbie with Airwave reports and am trying to find the right custom setup to pull over the past 60 days my average and max associations to any AP-125. In preparing for upgrading to 6.3 and currently having over 200 AP-125's on campus, I need to know if I'm going to hit the "caveat" issue in the release notes. Thanks for any help pointing me in the right direction. I've poked around a bit and not found the exact information I'm looking for.

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Re: airwave ap 125 usage

The 'Device Summary' is what you want, though it only shows max clients and usage.  Change the device count to include to be something like 50.


What was the caveat you mentioned?

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Re: airwave ap 125 usage

Upgrade Caveats

Before upgrading to any version of ArubaOS 6.3, take note of these known upgrade caveats.

l ArubaOS6.3.1.0isnotrecommendedforcustomerswithAP-120SeriesAPsthatroutinelyseeover70clients associated to an AP. Please contact support if you have any questions. 


Obtained from the ArubaOS 6.3.1 Rlease Notes.pdf page 47. 


Thanks for the info on the report! I'm running it right now.

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Re: airwave ap 125 usage

You could also set a 'trigger' to let you know in real-time if clients associated get above any threshold you would like to measure.


Probably a good idea to see if the network is 'clumping' with a trigger/alert as a general pro-active ongoing step even when not considering this release notes entry.



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