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amp-server folder options

i'm trying to get our switches to join our Airwave in the correct folder.
To do this we use the amp-server option in the config.
amp-server ip x.x.x.x group "Company" folder "%location%" secret "secret"
This works just fine. A folder with the name from the location is made.

But to make sure we know with is with we use subfolders. From what i could gather we need to use the following options:
amp-server ip x.x.x.x group "group" folder "Company:%location%" secret "secret"
Where Company is the folder underneath which the folder with the %location% need to be made.
A folder does get made underneath the Company but i doesnt use the location and gets called %location%

How can we get this to work without having to add the location manually every time. We want to use this in the Template we send toward new switches.

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Re: amp-server folder options

switch will not convert %location% to its location, it passes it as a folder name.   We have to give the actual location name (ideally folder name) while executing the command.


You can create a whitelist (CSV file) in airwave to keep switches in specific folders as well. This way you can acheive this requirement.

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