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auditing the controller configuration from Airwave server

Hi All,


We are using Airwave server with 8.0.4 version. We were able to audit the configuration from airwave server manually however automatically it is not working.


Would it be possible to make the airwave server to audit the controller configuration automatically at regular intervals without doing it manually? If yes, then please let me know the step.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: auditing the controller configuration from Airwave server

In AMP setup there is a knob to say how often you want the config automatically audited.  I would look at the document here:

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Re: auditing the controller configuration from Airwave server

Hi Cjoseph,


Thank you very much. i am aware that auditing is done at regular interval in order to look for the configuration mismatch between the controller and the Airwave server. 


Let me be more specific, if i add the users in the controller then will it reflected in the group settings profile automatically or do we need to click on button to update the group configuration settings in order to update the configuration on airwave server?


Thanks again.


Re: auditing the controller configuration from Airwave server

Are you managing your controller from the controller UI or from the AirWave UI?


If you're managing from the controller UI, then you'll want to run audit and then import (to import the settings of the controller to the group the controller exists in AirWave) occasionally to sync the AirWave desired config to the current running config.  (assuming that in AirWave, the controller's manage page has management setting set for monitor only mode).  Be careful if you have multiple controllers in the same group, especially if each controller has a different config (controllers should be grouped by configuration -> otherwise specific controller overrides need to be maintained on the controller's manage page under overrides).




If you're managing from AirWave, then you just need to perform the changes from the AirWave UI and they will be pushed to the controller when a mismatch is observed after audit.


AMP setup has a general audit interval setting, but each group has a toggle that enables/disables auditing on the Group -> select group -> Basic tab.

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