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dynamic vlan / radius assigned vlan limit

I am trying to find out if there is a limit to the number of VLAN's that can be assigned to a single SSID via RADIUS.


Ideally, I would like to assign one of 500 VLAN's to each user on the same SSID via RADIUS.  I see that this can be done using the Dynamic VLAN feature on Aruba Instant and VLAN's can be assigned by role in the controller based network (I think a VLAN can also be assigned directly to a user with a RADIUS attribute).  


My ultimate goal is to contain small groups of devices to a single vlan in a residence environment, allowing roommates to airplay, chromecast and otherwise network with each other while segregating them from other apartments.  


Is there a limit or a downside to using this many VLAN's when assigning them using RADIUS to users on a single SSID?


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Re: dynamic vlan / radius assigned vlan limit

That will get messy. Have you looked at AirGroup? We can support L2 services over multiple subnets or even one large subnet without causing performance issues.

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