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get logs for manual backup procedure

Hi community:



I ran amp_backup command at night to get a manual backup of my server and I don´t know if the archive is complete.So, I have this two questions:


Is there any command on CLI to check if the file is complete?

Is there any log to check all the procedure of getting the backup?







Re: get logs for manual backup procedure

I'm assuming you're on a pre-8.2.4 version.  It'll be slightly different in 8.2.4, so I'll outline both:



-manual backups result in backup file in /alternative as 'databackup.tar.gz'

-check backup size, compare against backup size in /var/airwave-backup

-see backup log: /var/log/nightly_backup to verify backup completion, last line of a backup should be '(finished tar)'



-all backups are visible from CLI in listing format when you view 'download file' option, daily backups are named 'nightly_data###.tar.gz', manual backups are named 'ampbackup_date.tar.gz'

-again, compare backup sizes

-if you download the backup package from system, you can open and view the nightly_backup file to check to see if complete


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