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ssid - is Airwave reporting

I was executing some Airwave reports and we have a breakdown by ssid and there was an ssid that is a dash, the output is listed below. We do not have an ssid that are dashes, does anyone have any idea what the - means?


SSID             Number of Clients     % of Clients

abcwireless    14485                        53.70%
abc-guest       11818                        43.81%
-                    669                            2.48%




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Re: ssid - is Airwave reporting

"-" usually indicates wired clients.Are you monitoring switches in AMP or using the wired ports on any RAPs?

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Re: ssid - is Airwave reporting

No, we don't have any wired clients. Also, it's only displaying when we create reports on outdoor wireless clients and we have a few mesh links, so I though it might have something to do with those links. 





Re: ssid - is Airwave reporting

If you run the same report excluding the mesh links, does it still return the '-' ssid entry?  I haven't seen this in the lab.  You may get quicker traction by opening a support case.

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Re: ssid - is Airwave reporting

I did open a support case and they suggested that it might have been from an SSID that had their name changed. Which is possible considering we have changed the names of some SSIDs in the past, however I don't think any of our outdoor access points were broadcasting the SSID that we changed. I could be wrong. 





Re: ssid - is Airwave reporting

The dash is for any user's session where AirWave never learned the SSID.  Usually, this is because we only got the user info from a trap, and by the time we polled the controller, the user was not there.  When we poll a controller, we get a much more complete set of data compared to what we get from a trap.


If you look at your list of currently connected users, do you see users who have a dash for the SSID and a value of "Trap" in the SNMP Source column?  If you do, then this is almost certainly the cause.

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