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RAP2 and Avaya 3641 wifi phone

I'm having an odd issue with a RAP2 and a wifi phone. I'm attempting to use an Avaya 3641 wireless phone with a RAP2, unfortunately it's not working well. The same phone works just fine at our office(AP105s) and on my RAP5 at home, but not on the RAP2. For some strange reason the phone does not see the SSID which is broadcasted out through the RAP2. I can connect to the SSID with my laptop with no issues. However the phone cannot seem to see it when I do a site survery from the phone. It's using the G band. Anyone encounter this issue? I have spoken with Aruba Support and they are baffled. On the attached pdf, on page 39, are the specs for the wifi phone.

I can provide more info if needed.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: RAP2 and Avaya 3641 wifi phone

Any response from Avaya?

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Re: RAP2 and Avaya 3641 wifi phone

Someone is working on it. Were good on the firmware though. I will post their reply.
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Re: RAP2 and Avaya 3641 wifi phone

So I did some reading and found that this

"802.11b/g Deployment Considerations
802.11g networks that also support 802.11b-only clients must run in protected mode to enable backward compatibility. Protected mode adds considerable overhead to each transmission which ultimately translates into significantly reduced overall throughput. Avaya 3641 and 3645 wireless telephones, which support 802.11a, b and g radio types, do not operate in protected mode. The overhead associated with performing protected mode transmissions largely negates any benefits of transmitting relatively small voice packets at higher 802.11g data rates. For this reason, when Avaya 3641 and 3645 handsets are installed on a mixed 802.11b/g network which is already running in protected mode, the handset must be set to 802.11b mode."

Only problem right now is the phone does not have a selection for only the (b) band.

More to come.
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