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3'rd part guest-book system.

Hi, one of my costumers have a guest-book system that have been working with HP-WLAN before. It puts guest user information directly into the HP controller using an API. We are now putting in an Aruba controller and Aruba switches. I am looking for some program-examples on how this can be done (API) with Aruba Controller/switches. What we are looking for is to reuse the guest-book system. The Guest-book programmers want to make their program work with Aruba equipment. However, I have problem finding the right information. Can anyone help me?


Tom C.  

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Re: 3'rd part guest-book system.

Hi Tom,


A better solution would be to use ClearPass as the repository for these guest users. They can definitely use ClearPass API to create those guest user accounts.


As far as trying to use the controller, please refer to the ArubaOS 6.4 User Guide, page 1022, Chapter 44, External User Management. You can find that document in the documentation of






Zach Jennings
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Re: 3'rd part guest-book system.

Thanks, I'll send the info to the developer. :-)

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